reality is cooking food, while no-one talks about the elephant in the room eating everything

Magick at home

Representing the world is our idea of reality or the notion that all is energy. Personal energy, universal energy, energy that flows everywhere and in all places. What if I tell you it is possible to harness the power of this energy. Work with the energy through Magick and the proper intentions. Shaping your world, your reality, as you want it according to your wishes and desires.

You are the architect of your reality and I can help you with building aspects of your world. Through the power of Talismans, fed with your intention and the universal energy it is possible to enhance your desire even further. A talisman on your house altar or in your livingspace can and will help you with shaping your Magick. They can be seen as amplifiers of the powers you wield when working with the universal energies.

And I love to make you a talisman, to let the power of Magick work with your daily practice. Every talisman is custom made and crafted to your intention. They are made from every day materials, like cloth, feathers, clay or animal bones, to make a living entity on the spiritual plane. For this reason I cannot teach you how to make a talisman, yet I can always make you a talisman.

If you are interested in a talisman and would like me to make you one or if you just have some more questions, drop me a line on and I will get back at you as soon as possible.